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Male sterilization represents a safe and effective alternative to tubal ligation for couples who decide that the male should be sterilized. Compared to tubal ligation, vasectomy has a slightly higher rate of spontaneous failure and pregnancy and it takes longer to become effective (usually less than 6 weeks but may take up to six months). It is less expensive and has almost no risk of serious internal injuries or other life threatening complications. On the other hand, a tubal ligation is effective immediately and has a slight risk of major complications. Both can be performed under local anesthesia.

As a general rule, the choice of vasectomy vs. tubal ligation should be based on the preferences of each partner. We have found that women accept the concept of sterilization more readily than men. We have available a new surgical technique named "no-scalpel" vasectomy. It has the advantage of having less bleeding and fewer complications than when a scalpel is used. The procedure takes approximately one half of an hour. A sperm count check is performed six weeks later and is included in the surgical fee. We require that an additional sperm count be done at a private lab to confirm sterilization.

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