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All Womens Clinic

2100 E Commercial Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308-3822


Services including Sonograms in Fort Lauderdale

We also serve Dade City and Palm Beach, FL

All Women's Clinic is a full service office and hospital OB/GYN practice. Our doctor  is member of the medical staff at Broward General Medical Center.

ALL WOMEN'S CLINIC is dedicated to meeting a wide range of special problems faced by women including:

Termination of Pregnancy, Birth Control, Prenatal check-ups and Major Hospital Maternity and Gynecologic Care, Walk-in Laboratory and Pregnancy Testing, Office Surgery, Emergency Contraception (Morning-After Pill, IUD), Evaluation and treatment of Abnormal Pap Tests (HPV testing, Colposcopy) and Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), Male and Female Sterilization, Post- Menopausal Hormone Replacement, Sonograms, and Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation (Juvederm, Botox)

We are here to help you handle these needs in every way we can with dignity and compassion. We understand your problems. We care about them. We can help.

We provide termination of unwanted pregnancy from 3 to 22 weeks LMP. Procedures are performed using the latest ultrasound technology, specialized instruments and the most effective and safe medications and techniques.

All Women's Clinic supports a woman's right to self determination in all reproductive matters. We believe that this principle promotes health and justice for women and our whole society. Women facing an unintended pregnancy are provided information regarding all their options and can count on our unconditional support after reaching the decision that feels right for them, whichever it may be.

For details, you may click on one of the featured service listed on the right column of this page. If you have any questions and would like more information, you may text your questions to: (954) 805-5821 or click on the top line of our Welcome/Home page to send us an email.

Alternatively, you may call our office directly at one of the following telephone numbers:                                                                                                                             Toll free (800) 867-169.                                                                                                     Local calls: (954/ 772- HELP (4357) or, (954)772-0933

Our address is: 2100 E Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308-3822.


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