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Your blood will be tested to see if it has the Rh antigen - a protein on the surface of red blood cells. If it does, your blood type is Rh-positive. If it does not, you are Rh negative.

An Rh-negative woman may develop antibodies to an Rh-positive fetus. These antibodies may destroy the red blood cells of the fetus as they fight the fetal Rh antigen like as if it were a harmful substance. These antibodies may cause serious problems with a future pregnancy or if the woman herself ever needs to have a blood transfusion.

To prevent problems, Rh-negative women must get a medication called Rh Immune Globulin (Rhogam or Bayrho). The medication blocks the production of antibodies against the Rh factor and must be used every time an Rh-negative woman delivers an Rh-positive newborn, or has an abortion, a threatened miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. A full dose of Rh Immune Globuline is required for pregnancy larger than 12 weeks. For smaller pregnancy, it is ok to use the mini-dose of RH Inmune Globuline.

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Our address is: 2100 E Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308-3822

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