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The safest method known for first trimester abortion between 7 - 12 weeks is to dilate the cervix and empty the contents of the uterus. This is done by vacuum abortion, which is also known as Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (VIP) and more commonly, as Termination of Pregnancy (TOP). Ninety percent of abortions are performed during the first three months of pregnancy, when abortion is exceptionally safe. The procedure may be completed within a matter of minutes and the doctor can immediately inform the results to the patient.

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You have the legal right to choose whether or not to proceed with your pregnancy. Whatever your decision, we will give you the best care and emotional and physical support.  We are here for you, every step of the way.

The termination procedure can be briefly described as follows:                             

The woman comfortably lies on the operating table with her legs in knee rests. The doctor will first do a pelvic exam by inserting one finger into the vagina while his other hand will gently press on the abdomen to determine the size of the womb. Next, the doctor will perform an ultrasound exam and offer the patient the opportunity to be shown the images and have them explained to her. Patient has the option to accept or decline this offer. The doctor then will administer the patient's choice of intravenous moderate sedation and obtains a blood sample to test for the blood Rh type. The intravenous sedation works within two minutes and last at least for two hours. This is followed by additional preparations such as gently washing the vagina with an antiseptic solution (usually Betadine) to reduce the risk of infection; then inserting a closed lubricated speculum into the vagina. which the doctor then opens to hold the vaginal walls apart and proceed to numb the cervix with a local anesthetic. The doctor will then wait a few minutes to get the full effect of the intravenous sedation and the local anesthesia.

The next steps are as follows:

Dilatation: The physician gradually dilates the cervix in one of three ways. The most common way is to insert and remove narrow, tapered dilator rods, one at a time, gradually increasing the size of the rod until the cervical opening is about the diameter of a drinking straw (up to a half inch). Another way is to insert sterile laminarias (seaweed rods), which absorb moisture from the cervix and gradually expand over a period of several hours, thus slowly enlarging and softening the opening of the uterus. Laminarias are usually used if the pregnancy is 15 weeks LMP or more. The third alternative way is to give you a medication called misoprostol (Cytotec) that will facilitate the cervical dilatation after three or four hours.

Vacuum Aspiration: The physician inserts a small tube that is attached to an aspirator machine similar to the one dentists use to clear the mouth of saliva. The machine's suction empties the contents of the uterus through the tube. Then the doctor carefully checks the walls of the uterus with a spoon-shaped curette and suctions the uterine cavity again to complete the procedure. Finally, the doctor personally examines the aspirate using the flotation method and/or stereoscopic microscope and if necessary, may repeat the ultrasound to be sure of the result immediately.

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