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MINIMAL SEDATION (oral Valium, Meclizine and Ibuprofen plus local cervical anesthesia )
MODERATE SEDATION (You receive additional I.V.Fentanyl 150 mcg + I.V. Versed 5 mg
Abortion By Pill. (RU486, Mefiprex) $445 included NA
3-12 wks LMP NA included $350
12.5 -14.5 wks by sonogram NA included $650
15.0-15.5 wks by sonogram NA included $750
16.0-16.5 wks by sonogram NA included $900
17.0-17.5 wks by sonogram NA included $1,050
18.0-18.5 wks by sonogram NA included $1,150

19.0-19.5 wks by sonogram

20.0 wks by sonogram

21.0 wks  

22.0 wks







Financial Assistance is available if you qualify. You would not be required to pay the grant back.



We use  mifepristone (Mifeprex) - also known as RU-486 - and misoprostol (Cytotec). The fee is $445 and includes individual counseling; the ultrasounds that are performed before and two weeks after the medication abortion; the abortion pills; and all your office visits over a four (4) week period. If the medication abortion fails, there would be a discounted $200 charge for the suction abortion (instead of $395),  provided that the vacuum procedure is performed it in our facility and that you timely return to see us in two weeks for your follow-up ultrasound examination.

Fees for termination of pregnancy include individualized counseling, lab work, a sample of oral contraceptive pills; and the  follow-up visit. The fee for termination does not include the treatment of an ectopic (extra-uterine) pregnancy; emergency room and hospital charges; or any fees for services not provided by us in the clinic.

EARLY VACUUM ABORTION (EVA) between 3 - 6 weeks LMP.   

Fee for Vacuum Abortion with Minimal Sedation is $350. If the patient wishes to have the maximum comfort possible, we will provide her the highest intravenous dose of Fentanyl and Versed that can be safely administered in an office setting.   The fee for Moderate Sedation is $395.

Fees are the same between 3 - 12 wks LMP.

A preliminary ultrasound is routinely performed. Another ultrasound may be used to verify the success of the termination of pregnancy is careful examination of the tissue removed in the aspirate is not conclusive. If there is a question regarding a possible  ectopic pregnancy or a failed procedure, the doctor may indicate quantitative blood pregnancy testing, starting with the day of the procedure and in 24-48 hours thereafter. These pregnancy tests will measure the amount (the titer) of beta-hCG hormone, which is expected to decline if the pregnancy has been successfully removed. Results takes three (3) or four (4) days from the date of the procedure. There is an additional $100 laboratory charge for these two blood tests.

Preliminary ultrasound to determine gestational age: $150 This fee is not refundable but applies as your credit towards the pregnancy termination.

Preliminary gestation check: $50 This fee is not refundable but applies as your credit towards the termination.     Ultrasound and pelvic examination charge if ineligible for termination: $150.

Examination charge if ineligible for termination of pregnancy and no ultrasound performed: $120

Rhogam (Anti-D Globulin): $60 if under 12 wks LMP; or $120 if over 12 wks LMP, with D&E.

Prescription Medications: Doxycycline: $30     Ibuprofen: $10      Flagyl: $20     Diflucan: $20     Provera: $20  Depo-Provera: $80  Rocephin 500 mg: $50     Cephizol 1 gm: $30

Pregnancy Tests: Beta hCG urine slide (if period late over 3wks): free
Beta hCG urine (if period is only 2 wks late):  $10        
Serum hCG qualitative (if less than 2 wks late): $50 
Serum hCG quantitative (hCG titer): $50 each

PAPANICOLAU ( PAP) test & additional Contraceptive Pills with the free 2-wk follow up visit: $90 .

Intrauterine Device (Paragard IUD): $395 plus office visit (OV).               
Diaphragm fiting & kit: $ 50 plus OV 
Tubal Ligation: $1,200 plus OV, hospital's fee and anesthesiologist's fee. Vasectomy on the premises: $600 plus OV

Initial Office Visit (OV): $ 120         
Subsequent Office Visit: $120             
Office visit within 30 days: $100

Papanicolau (PAP) test:    $90 plus OV. 
Chlamidia and Gonorrhea culture:   $70          
Herpes Culture:     $80        
HIV test       $60               
CBC:      v $50         
Syphilis Serology  $50
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile: $85        
Lipid profile (Cholesterol):      $50         
Urine culture         $50

Colposcopy w/ biopsy: $400 
LEEP cone biopsy:       $750 
Cervical coagulation:  $400 
Condyloma Destruction with bichloroacetic acid: $50 plus OV 
Electrosurgical condyloma destruction: $400


Total OB care and delivery: $3,200  
Obstetrical sonogram: $150 
Vaginal ultrasound:     $150 

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered, in cash, money order, traveler's check, certified check, or credit card. Our staff will complete the insurance paperwork for patient's insurance reimbursement

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FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact All Women's Clinic at the following numbers:
Toll Free: (800) 867-1693 Local calls: (954) 772-HELP (4357) or (954) 772-0933
You also may text your questions to: (954) 805-5821

Our address is 2100 E Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308-3822

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