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When it comes to accurate information about termination of pregnancy and contraception, remember to carefully choose your sources of information. Please don't hesitate to call us if you have questions.

1. Will an abortion prevent me from getting pregnant later?

Barring unforeseen but rare complications, pregnancy termination performed by experienced physicians should not affect your future.

2. Is an abortion painful?

There is discomfort associated with the vacuum termination procedure, as well as with the abortion by pill. Cramping may be mild to moderate, and in some cases, relatively uncomfortable. However,in comparison to childbirth, abortion is much shorter, better tolerated and less painful.

Our aim is to make your procedure as comfortable as possible. To help us achieve this goal, a variety of measures are available to you. The objective is that you should not feel any discomfort that would not be able to tolerate.
All our patients are provided triple oral pre-medication at least twenty minutes prior to the procedure. The pre-medication is designed to help control pain and nausea and produce a sedative effect. Immediately before the procedure, patients will receive Moderate Sedation which consists of intravenous Fentanyl (a narcotic) and intravenous Versed that is stronger than Valium. These two medications decrease anxiety and discomfort, increase relaxation and have an amnesia effect that makes the patients forget the details of the procedure. Next, local anesthetic is administered to numb the cervix. Please go to the section with Services/Anesthesia for further details.

The Moderate Sedation is preferred because it consists of the maximum dose of medications that enhance the benefits  without increasing the risk and side effects. This is particularly helpful to anyone who desires to have the procedure performed as comfortably as possible, specially for patients who may be too nervous and apprehensive or who may have a lower tolerance to pain. Low pain tolerance is common among women that use narcotics , analgesics, sedatives, sleeping pills, street drugs or alcohol; women that have never been pregnant and are either older or very young; or who are terrified of needles; have anatomical malformations of the cervix or uterus, prior cesarean deliveries or a large pregnancy.

For your safety reasons, we do not recommend general anesthesia (totally asleep) except if given by an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthesis and the abortion is performed at the hospital.


3. How long does the abortion take?

When the pregnancy is early, the procedure takes only a few minutes. However, your total time at our center is approximately 2-4 hours due to paperwork, counseling, lab work and recovery.


4. What are the limits to get an abortion? (the lowest and highest limits)

A pregnancy can be terminated as early as 3 wks LMP, provided that the diagnosis is confirmed by a repeat positive pregnancy test. Early Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) can be performed even if the vaginal ultrasound does not visualize a uterine pregnancy. Used in conjunction with quantitative blood hCG testing, the EVA may help to timely detect a possible ectopic (abnormally located outside the uterus) pregnancy, and will terminate a very early uterine pregnancy.
If the pregnancy is visible by ultrasound, the patient can elect to have either an EVA or a Medication Abortion.
The Medication Abortion can be done up to 10 wks LMP. However, the best results are seen when used at about 7 weeks LMP.
The upper legal limit of abortion in the State of Florida is 24 wks LMP. We have made the choice to lower the upper limit to 22 wks LMP if the determination of ength of pregnancy is based on a late second trimester ultrasound. The reason is that the accuracy of late ultrasound is only plus or minus 2 weeks and prefer to avoid exceeding the legal limit of 24 wks LMP.
We do not provide termination of pregnancy for fetal indications beyond 24 wks LMP.


5. Can the abortion fail?

The risk of failed vacuum aspiration is less than 1% The doctor routinely examines the aspirate, and if necessary, repeats the ultrasound exam before concluding the procedure. This provides immediate and reassuring results.
The failure rate of medication abortion is about 5 to 8%
Patients are instructed to return for a routine follow up examination in two or three weeks following the procedure to rule out a possible failure. A repeat ultrasound is usually performed in two week following a medication abortion.


6. What are the possible complications?

Like with any surgical procedure, complications are possible. First trimester abortion has less than 1% complication rate. Most complications are minor and can be handled at the office. Serious complications are very rare but increase with larger length of pregnancy. The skills of the physician and the general health of the woman are important factors in determining the risk of complications.
The complication rate at the All Women’s Clinic is below the national average.


7. Who performs the abortion?

The abortion is performed by Ted Lehrer, M.D. Doctor Lehrer is  Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology; is  member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Florida Medical Association, the Broward County Medical Association, the William Little Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists, the Society of Laparo- Endoscopic Surgeons, the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and other medical organizations.
Doctor Lehrer is licensed by the State of Florida and CLIA; is Fully Accredited by National Abortion Federation (NAF); has clear police and FBI background checks; and is on the medical staff at Broward General Medical Center, a tertiary nearby hospital where he has unlimited active hospital privileges in major Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Doctor Lehrer has had no judgments for medical malpractice in over 35 years. Having established a reputation of unexcelled medical safety, our physician is widely recognized throughout South Florida for his outstanding record of medical excellence and for his expertise in office surgery and in First and Second Trimester Pregnancy Termination from 3 to 22 weeks, using the latest ultrasound technology, specialized instruments and the most effective and safe medications and procedures. His patients can rely on getting superior and compassionate care at affordable fees.


8. How do you define the different types of abortions?

Abortion is the expulsion of a non-viable fetus, before it is mature enough to live on its own. The abortion can be spontaneous  (also known as a miscarriage); or induced. Induced abortion can be either legal, - like in North America and in most of the developed world - or illegal (clandestine).

Illegal abortion is significantly more dangerous.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines legal abortion as a method for terminating an unintended pregnancy that is brought about safely by a medical procedure that meets accepted standards of medical care.

WHO defines illegal (clandestine) abortion as a termination procedure that is performed either by individuals without the necessary skills or in an environment that does not conform to the minimum medical standards, or both.

9 Will I see the fetus?

No, you will not see the fetus. If you want to see it, the final decision is up to the physician.


10. How long do I have to be off work/school?

Most women return to work or school the day after the procedure. If you are in the second trimester or if your activities include heavy lifting or strenuous physical activities, the physician may write you a medical excuse for one week.


11. When can I eat?

We will give you something to drink and eat before you leave the clinic. When at home, you must avoid spicy food and alcohol. Start taking the prescribed antibiotics after your first meal.


12. How long after the abortion will the pregnancy test show a positive result?

The home pregnancy test can take as long as six weeks to turn negative because the hormone levels take a while to drop below the lowest detectable limits (which is 25 mIU/ml for most OTC tests). This does not necessarily mean that you are still pregnant. The doctor will let you know immediately of the result of the procedure and you will be scheduled for a free follow-up exam for three weeks. Please keep this important appointment.


13. Is everything confidential?

Yes, everything is strictly confidential. We will not even acknowledge that you have an appointment or that you are or have been here. We cannot legally provide any information about a patient without her written permission.


14. Do you provide tubal ligation, vasectomy or intra-uterine device (IUD) insertion?

Yes. As a full service women’s clinic we provide comprehensive OBG services, including vasectomy and IUD insertion. For more invasive procedures such as tubal ligations and other hospital patient care, our doctor is on staff at Broward General Hospital.


15. Why does it cost more when you are further along?

The more advanced the pregnancy, the more medications you will receive, the more supplies are used, and more time is spent by the doctor and the staff. While complications are still rare, they are more likely the further along you are.


16. How can I get Financial Assistance for the abortion?

These are difficult times financially and we know that many women facing an unplanned pregnancy cannot afford it. Don’t let financial difficulties prevent you from having an abortion. We can help you. We are part of a select number of high-quality clinics that have been accredited to work with the National Abortion Federation (NAF) which provides funding to indigent and low-income women facing an unintended pregnancy. The women's fund will pay part of the cost of the abortion, depending on your financial situation. You are not required to pay it back.

The fastest way to get financial assistance is by making an appointment with us. Please call All Women's Clinic at (954) 772-0933. We are linked by computer to NAF and will be able to quickly find out if you qualify or not for financial assistance. The earlier you come in to see us - particularly if you are over 12 weeks pregnant - the better it will be for you. This entire process, including the funding and the actual termination, are usually provided in a single visit to our clinic.          We usually have available same-day or next-day appointments.

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